Sunday, March 27, 2011

John's afternoon coffee

I've mentioned John before, in the bingo incident. John, I am informed by my aunt, was one of the Rats of Tobruk. I'm a little fuzzy on my history, but apparently these people were incredibly brave war veterans who suffered and saw horrors that would test the staunchest soldier. Not many of them are still alive today, but many of them had post-traumatic stress disorder and it is completely understandable that they might have some, er, eccentricities. John is of advanced age, but considering how often he can behave "normally", I can only conclude that it's the things he has seen that make him a little unusual.

This morning when I took his breakfast, he pointed at a dark brown splash-mark on his living-room carpet, remarked that he'd been woken at 2am to find this, and wanted to know what it was and would I smell it? I dutifully did and told him it was vomit. He promptly blamed it on a friend that was over for coffee the day before, who must have vomited on the floor and not said anything. People do that, you know. They vomit on a friends' living room floor at 4pm, don't say a word, and somehow that vomit will make enough noise to wake you at 2am.

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