Sunday, March 27, 2011


I first wrote these stories in about 2004. At the time I was so concerned with protecting the identities of the residents concerned that I took great pains to call myself "Catherine" and I changed many of the incidents. I knew that one day these were stories that deserved to be told - they are not simply making fun of people, but often showing a side of the elderly that few of us pay much attention to. How easy is it to dismiss a person simply because they are of advanced age? And yet they are often vibrant, funny, clever, and with a lust for life that we could learn a great deal from.

Most of the people in these stories have now passed away. Of those who remain, you're unlikely to recognise them as individuals. Indeed, not only did I change the names, but often I have exaggerated or interchanged personality traits - so the people you will meet in here didn't really exist, in exact forms anyway. For example, the character of "Ted" is an amalgamation of three elderly residents. I'd like to think it's more interesting that way (even if it makes him quite an unsavoury person).

I never wrote these to ridicule people. If that's what you think while reading, you've missed the point. Since the first day I began working at the village, I have been on a personal quest to educate people. These are not drooling vegetables, they are real human beings like you and I - they are vivacious and FULL of life, whether their bodies show it or not! And they would hate to be thought of as society's leftovers. They belong here right beside you and me, and want people to appreciate them. So I hope you appreciate their stories. If these blog entries don't do them justice, then the fault is mine alone.


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